Joe Simpson

Book Author

Joe Simpson is a former mountaineer and the author of several best-selling books, of which the first, Touching the Void, won both the NCR award and the Boardman Tasker Award. His later non-fiction books are This Game of Ghosts – the sequel to Touching the Void – The Beckoning Silence (which won the 2003 NOBA and forms the final book in the trilogy), Storms of Silence and Dark Shadows Falling. His novels include The Water People and The Sound of Gravity. The films of Touching the Void and The Beckoning Silence won a BAFTA and Emmy respectively. His latest novel, Walking the Wrong Side of the Grass, a tale of love, tragedy and revenge as a Derbyshire boy soldier finds himself in the hell of the Somme, was published in e-book in August 2018. Joe retired from climbing in 2009 and lives in Derbyshire.